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MASTERCLASS X important jubilee and humanitarian touch

MASTERCLASS X under the light of an important jubilee and a humanitarian touch

On November 3rd, 2018, at the hotel “Metropol Palace” in Belgrade, an international congress in ophthalmology Masterclass X was organized by the clinic “LaserFocus”. This meeting which gathered around 120 participants among lecturers, doctors, partners, guests, representatives of the diplomatic corps and exhibitors from the country and abroad, was held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of “LaserFocus”. A special touch was given to the event by a humanitarian exhibition of art paintings in the lobby.


Prof. dr Ljubisa Nikolic, Ing. Sissimos Lemonis, Prof. dr Mirko Jankov, Prof. dr Jonathan Lake, Doc. dr Vesna Jovanovic, Prof. dr Theo Seiler, Dr Efekan Coskunseven

The main topics of the lecture were: refractive, cataract corneal and retinal surgery. The congress was opened by the host prof. Dr Mirko R. Jankov, while the special guest was the Ambassador of Brazil, her Excellency, Ms. Heyvaert Azevedo, who held a lectutre about public health challenges and solutions in Brazil. The painter Dusan Vukojevic-Mars, an permanently and severely injured war veteran and a patient of “LaserFocus” was the author of the exhibition of paintings. The income from sales went to the humanitarian purposes of his treatment, because he lost both of his legs, his right arm and one eye as a “collateral damage” from a landmine after the war. The seminar also had a musical part that was marked by young fingerstyle guitar performer Bojan Ivanovski -Joby.

During this all-day event, the lectures were held by eminent ophthalmologists: prof. dr Stefanovic (LaserFocus – Serbia), doc. Doctor Sefić-Kasumović (Polyclinic Sefić-Bosnia and Herzegovina), prof. Dr Nikolic (LaserFocus, Serbia), Prof. Dr. Koruga (TFT Nano Center, Serbia) Prof. Dr Dragomir Stamenković, OPTIX, Serbia).

A great honor was given to our congress by the famous prof. Dr Seiler (IROC, Switzerland), who, in addition to the lectures, actively participated in discussions. In addition, the presentations of other foreign guests have also been very appreciated: prof. Dr. Lake (Oftalmed-Brazil), Dr Coskunseven (Dunya Eye Hospital-Turkey), Ing. Lemonis (Alcon Labs-Germany), while the meeting was closed by doc. dr Vesna Jovanovic, (LaserFocus – Serbia).

This event was supported by the golden partners: “Amicus”, Law Office Jusufovic Fernandez Jankov, “Oftal C”, as well as partners: “Alkaloid”, “Optix contact lenses” and “Zepter”.

Take care of your eye health

Cuvajte zdravlje oka

Due to the disturbances that occur as a result of eye irritation in front of the monitor, only 14 % people seek doctor’s help while others neglect the problem or are not aware of it.

Patients often ask an ophthalmologist how they can preserve good eyesight. There are rules for it as well as for most things in life: One should listen to the common sense! It is vitally important to have an ophthalmological examination regularly every year. Healthy habits which are good for the whole body are good for the eye, especially time spent in the countryside where the eye may reach far with no limits.

The most typical problems of which people complain occur due to excessive eye strain. Reading at night in poor light causes no problems in young people, except for unnecessary strain and sometimes headache. With older patients it may even cause acute assault of glaucoma, i.e. eye pressure rise. Persons wearing contact lens must not sleep with them. Lens should by no means be worn at the swimming pool (due to the possibility of a very serious amoeba infection which is extremely difficult to treat). It is necessary to wear appropriate glasses at all times, according to the instructions of the ophthalmologist; glasses should never be borrowed from other persons or bought at the market place, though they may seem adequate.

Lutein also has an important role in preserving eye health. Human body may not synthetise it itself, therefore we must take it in through food or supplements. Through food, primarily green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits we do not take even one-third of that pigment important for longevity of macula, that is, the place of the clearest sight which is weakening with age. Certain research show that products that contain sufficient quantities of lutein (from 6 to 8 mg) increase macular pigment density by as much as 43 %. Furthermore, besides hitherto used vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, which were mainly mentioned as the allies in fighting heart and vascular, play an important role for the eyesight health.

Food supplements with lutein and omega-3 fatty acids are more and more recommended to people who are exposed to artificial light and computers, except to those who are suffering from cataract and glaucoma or have other vision problems. According to the statistics, in the past ten years the dry eye syndrome as a direct result of excessive sitting in front of the computer has almost doubled.

Hours and hours in front of the computer are not good for eyes. Computer syndrome occurs when the eye is strained for many hours while looking at the computer screen. Irritation, redness, itching, blurred vision are clear signals that something is wrong with eyes. These symptoms should not be ignored, although 86 % of people with such problems neglect them. An adult person spends on average 50 hours in front of computer and TV per week. One of the most frequent eye problems is dry eye syndrome. It occurs because while working on computer we blink five times less than in normal circumstances and blinking reduces possibility of irritation.

Numerous researches show that looking into the monitor causes serious eye lens strain that it leads to short-sightedness, that is, negative dioptre.

In some European countries there are computer work protection rules. According to these rules, each employee who uses the computer must have regular eyesight examination before and during employment. It is prescribed that the monitor must be placed minimum half a meter from the eyes and must be installed so that it has no reflexion.

For those whose job is connected with long hours of computer work there are rules, but also the lifestyle which may, despite obligations and challenges of the environment, maintain eye health.

LaserFocus team advises you how to take care of your eyes:

Schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist who will set correctly your dioptre.

Make a break after every hour if your job is connected with working on computer for six to seven hours. Take a walk and relax your eyes for a while. Some new computer programmes pop up every hour a message “Take a break”. Muscle in the eye protracts and relaxes the lens and it is not meant to be constantly active. It may cause an accommodative spasm so that the eye is contracted and no longer relaxed. A pause is recommended about every thirty minutes during which you should look away from the monitor and focus your eyes in the distance. Also, open and close your eyes slowly for a few minutes, as it enables your eyes to renew the tear film. If your eyes are tired and red, if you feel sand in your eyes or have eye discharge in the form of thread or if your vision is blurred, you may be a victim of excessive eye strain. Dry eyes are also present in high percentage in people over 65 years of age, but this problem is also caused by some other factors like hormone changes, like pregnancy or menopause and the medicines like antidepressants, contraception or diuretics.

Blink. Each person normally blinks 10–15 times in a minute. When you are concentrated, you blink much more seldom. It will gradually cause discomfort. The retina is unnecessarily getting dry when tears are not evenly distributed and your eyes need help.

Set a good resolution on your computer. The monitor should not flicker and you need to set a “screen refresh” option.

Light in the room is also very important. The room and the desk must be well-lighted. Avoid direct light in the screen because otherwise visibility of the screen will not be as good as necessary and it will cause additional eye strain.

Chair also plays an important role for eyesight. The spine must be in a comfortable position because sitting in a lopsided position may cause that the muscles of the neck feel knotted, which causes insufficient blood flow and thus reduces eye “nutrition”.

New Year Gift

As we are approaching the New Year holiday, LaserFocus family wishes to surprise you with a New Year gift! We give you a voucher in the value of 200 EUR for each intervention of laser dioptry removal and keratoconus in the period of December 2012.
For more information about New Year Gift, please call our well known phone number 011/344-6626
Your LaserFocus family

New Year Gift

The Fourth Masterclass


The Fourth Masterclass, organized by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery was held in Belgrade on June 22, 2012. The topic of this eminent gathering was new technologies in the anterior eye segment surgery, with special emphasis this time on astigmatism and its solutions.

On behalf of the host, participants of the Fourth Masterclass were welcomed by Dr. Mirko R. Jankov. The introductory lecture on Building Quality Ophthalmology Services, delivered by Prof. Dr. Fernanda Florentino Fernandez Jankov, was received with great interest and enthusiastic applause. Colleagues also appreciated the lecture on Ergoophthalmology, delivered by Dr. Elena Matić, as well as the detailed Study on the Correction of Astigmatism by Using RGP and Hybrid Contact Lenses, delivered by Dr. Delević from “Oculus”.

Miloš Obradović spoke about the importance of presenting information about modern media and website concepts and contents that should be made more available to patients.

In his presentation Dr. Mirko Jankov spoke about key information that should guide the doctor in selecting the method and steps of intervention, stressing in particular the technological sophistication of the newest generation of lasers as well as crucial importance of the experience of the doctor who will be using the diagnostic devices and managing the application of that laser.

Dr. Jonathan Lake, a world-known ophthalmologist from Brasil chose the topic “Modern Intraocular Lenses” and presented his own experiences from his rich surgical practice.

Masterclass was attended by approximately 180 doctors from Serbia and neighbouring countries. Based on the previous experience, the organizer decided to have fewer participants in order to allow more time and opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience. It proved that ophthalmologists at primary health care level are very much interested in the exchange of experiences from their practice.

For participation at this seminar as a part of ongoing medical education, 14 CME points are awarded to the lecturers and 7 to the participants.

In Budva like in Belgrade

”Miljković” Centre for Eye Diseases in Budva is shortly to become one of the LaserFocus family members, and it will soon provide any ophthalmologic intervention  available in Belgrade.

”My cooperation with Dr. Mirko Jankov has a long history. I saw for myself  that he is not only a top professional but also a good and ethical person. Any patient whom I advised to have surgery in Belgrade had only words of gratitude and praize for him and his team. All his patients that have undergone surgery had positive experience of regaining their good vision  which makes this recent cooperation exeptionally important for our Centre. We managed to set up such organization and treatment,  identical to that of LaserFocus,  with organizational planning and equipment availability tailored according to the standards of the Belgrade facility.

We did our best to perform in Budva any vision correction procedure available in Belgrade. Dr. Jankov will perform the very first laser -assisted surgery procedures
as early as July”, says Dr. Borka Miljković.

The Third Masterclass Event

Using Science Against Age-Related Farsightedness (Presbyopia)

Three hundred ophthalmologists from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and FYROM congregated in Belgrade for the Third Master Class held on May 27, within the framework of a series of professional development events seen as an opportunity to learn about new technologies in the eye anterior segment surgery, get more detail and a better insight in the presbyopia, age-related farsightedness issues – about myths and reality in this area of medical science. Distinguished guests from Brazil, the USA and Serbia were the main speakers to present their papers to their fellow doctors at the Belgrade Event.

Dr. Jonathan Lake, reputable Brazilian-American ophthalmologist surgeon covered the topic of cataract and presbyopia prevention and complications treatment, while Mr.Karel Fabry, Eng., distinguished guest from Belgium, spoke to the attendants about new technologies, iTrace topology and the wawefront. Dr. Paulo Schor, Professor at the renown Federal University in Sao Paolo addressed the possibilities of refractive surgery and treatment of age related far sightedness. Dr. Slađana Delević from Belgrade ‘’Oculus’’ spoke about biometry and intraocular lens (IOLs) calculations, while Dr. Vesna Jovanović addressed in her presentation the latest breakthroughs in lamellar cornea transplants. The presentation of the host, Dr. Mirko Jankov, was dedicated to Ultra B2 (Ultraviolet light and Riboflavin) in keratoconus treatment.
After the sessions, the Master Class participants had an opportunity to fill in a knowledge test and a questionnaire about the needs and conditions of professional development.
The importance of this event for the medical profession was recognized by the Health Council of Serbia on continuous medical education, which accredited lecturers with 14 KME points and the attendants with 7 KME points.

The next Master Class to be organized by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery has been scheduled for September 2011, causing great interest of ophthalmologists thus suggesting that the large participation may be expected again.

International VIP Guest Lecturers’ views about Master Class 3:

Dr Jonathan Lake (born in the USA) Oftalmed, Brasilia, Brazil

Knowledge leads to quality

– ”I am very impressed with the large participation at this Master Class in Belgrade. Indeed, this is an important event, and as usual the reception and hospitality are fantastic. I have known Dr. Jankov for 13 years now. Initially, he was my professor, my lecturer, while afterwards we stayed in touch. I stayed in Brazil, Dr. Jankov moved first to Greece then to Switzerland, and finally to Belgrade”, says Dr. Lake.

During his presentation, Dr. Lake spoke about the application of the state-of the-art scientific achievements in medicine, particularly in ophthalmology. At what pace it is possible to integrate and embed the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in practice for reaching better outcomes, Dr.Lake says:

-”I believe that ophthalmology is a very privileged area just because so many innovations are being introduced into this field. Together with Dr.Jankov, I was in a position to learn more about such innovations and apply them in our practice. There are so many novelties in medicine, particularly in refractive surgery. However, the existence of various last generation technologies have an impact on competitiveness. Often, clinics advertise things that do not prove true in practice, that have not been tested and verified through long standing clinical practice.Where there is huge competition, such behaviour may occur. Therefore, patients who need help of an eye surgeon have to be very cautious and to obtain all the necessary details about the doctor and the practice they wish to entrust their eyes with. Knowledge and good understanding of facts is the only means that can safeguard you from the said behavior. Above all, a patient has to be well informed, to identify all the risks and be fully aware of the expectations and post operative outcomes and scenarios. It is the doctor’s task to enlighten his patient, to make clear what complications and risks may occur”, points out Dr.Lake.

Touching upon the importance of professional meetings of doctors practicing eye surgery, and of practitioners who examine eyes in medical facilities in the first instance, Dr. Lake put the emphasis on the importance of being well informed about the events, latest developments and modern trends in ophthalmology, innovations and accessibility of the latest technologies:

”In order to deal with unfair competition and unattainable promises, it is necessary to respond with knowledge. Such events as the Master Class in Belgrade certainly contribute to reaching this goal. When a physician is skilled, and his slef-confidence is based on knowledge, than he/she can share it with his peers, both as a lecturer and as a consultant”.

Prof. Dr. Paulo Schor (born in Brazil)

Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The best refractive surgeons train their peers

Prof. Paulo Schor, PhD addressed the benefits of new technologies which contribute to helping people to have a better vision and improve their quality of life. Dr. Schor, impressed with the meeting of ophthalmologists in Belgrade, said that at such an impressive event he feels at home, as if he were in Brazil.

– ”In Brazil, there are five or six such big events annually where a greater number of doctors congregate, considering that Brazil has a vast population, but we also have some fifty smaller events with a lesser number of participants than this Master Class in Belgrade. The difference lies in the fact that here, each lecturer took more than ten minutes to deliver his presentation, which is not common, and does not happen in Brazil.
My motives to accept with pleasure the opportunity to be a guest lecturer is primarily my knowing well Dr. Mirko Jankov, my colleague. We are great friends, and I too, like himself, think and believe that for our profession it is of major importance to receive information and knowledge from true experts, to have doctors be informed about new trends and breakthroughs, and deep in my heart I am positive that such an approach is the right thing to do. I am a Professor at a University in Brazil, I travel extensively over the USA, Europe and our country, as I believe in disseminating and spreading of knowledge”.

Being a renown expert and educator, asked if the best means most trendy in ophthalmology, Dr. Schor says:

– ”What we really wish to do is to overcome criticism and understanding and perception of technology. The availability of new technology-based equipment depends on several aspects.The following facts are taken into account: who is the most dominant manufacturer in the market, what is the policy of importing the equipment in the country, what is the level of knowledge and understanding of new technology of doctors who are going to use such technology”, says Dr. Paulo Schor, emphasizing that a person practicing ophthalmology must have, besides high skill and human integrity, good knowledge of any new technique and approach that, so to speak, appeared ‘’yesterday’’/most recently on the market to be in a position to frankly and honestly advise his patient how and when to undergo surgery.

– ”A doctor looks upon his patient from several aspects. First and foremost, it is someone whom he, as a doctor, has to help. Secondly, for his employment and work he has to be paid. Thirdly, he wishes to become friends and stay in good contact with his patient so that in return the patient builds his confidence knowing that he can always turn to his doctor for help. There are people, who see everything as a stock market: their only concern is for the stocks to grow without caring whether there will be any consequences, whether someone might get hurt or not. However, in medicine, doctor- patient relationship has to be established differently. The rule is: if you have one satisfied patient he/she will bring in other patients. If you have one unsatisfied patient, you will lose seven new patients. Hence, this is not a short-time game, but one that lasts very long. The trust is built gradually, and it should be preserved”.

Dr. Schor remains great friend of LaserFocus family

– ”At the time when Dr. Mirko Jankov was completing his PhD (doctoral) thesis I was his mentor but our cooperation grew into trust, respect and quality friendship. Nevertheless, I am of the view that Dr. Jankov’s knowledge is greater than mine although I was his mentor.
He is one of those students that outgrow their teachers. This means that I have completed my mentoring task well”.

Eng. Karel Fabry (born in Belgium), Tracey Technologies, Houston, Texas, USA

Doctors at the source of information

-”New scientific breakthroughs become readily embedded in medicine. This is due to fast technological shifts and simplified medical ones and to their application in practice by most renown doctors and to the trust of the patients.

– As we can see, ophthalmology has been developing for the last two hundred years, but a tremendous leap forward was made in the last twenty years. Any discovery made in the area of science, engineering and technology becomes ever faster available to the patient. Naturally, such novelties reach only those patients whose doctors have access to new technologies and information. Getting information begins and is based on education. Continuous education, to be at the source of information and new discoveries, are of utmost importance for the people who teach at universities. In this context, it is of great importance that two highly reputed experts, such as Dr. Lake and Dr. Schor, have dedicated their time to come to Serbia to share with us what could be defined to be presently the latest developments in science embedded into ophthalmology, specifically focused on the eye anterior segment and refractive surgery in the removal of age-related farsightedness. I am of the view that it is a happy occasion for Serbia to have someone like Dr. Jankov, who had the opportunity to witness all the breakthroughs in the eye surgery, working with world renown experts, since he has been working for years on joint projects and research, and he had an opportunity to be a part of the team of the great Prof. Theo Zeiler, M.D., PhD in Zurich. It is then that I met him. What fascinates me is the fact that Dr. Mirko Jankov brought to LaserFocus all the knowledge that he gathered worldwide, dedicating his time to many specialization and subspecialization courses for the benefit of his patients. But not only that. By organizing such events, Dr.Jankov dedicates his time to his fellow doctors from Serbia and countries in the region, sharing and enabling all medical eye doctors to get an insight into his field of expertise. That is highly important and invaluable”, says Mr. Fabris, Eng.

Commenting that other doctors act in a similar way, Mr.Fabris,Eng. emphasized that it does not happen on such a high level as at the Belgrade event.

– ”Usually, the colleagues are afraid of interactivity and negative effects. It is not a bad idea to work with smaller groups, either because one may address the issues of interest in greater detail. What makes us enjoy while in Belgrade, in Serbia? It is not only because we are having a great time but also because we are learning from each other. I find fascinating the fact that Dr. Jankov visited all the continents, talking and consulting top notch surgeons, Dr. Jankov himself being one of them, he learned from many such experts and taught many, and still whatever he had mastered and learned he brought here, to Serbia. That is amazing”.

LaserFocus in Sarajevo

The Ophthalmologic Office “Dr. Sefić” is the first office in one of the neighbouring countries to contract long-term cooperation with LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery in Belgrade and Dr. Mirko Jankov, and there is interest in other surgeries and private eye clinics in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and FYROM to proceed similarly.

The state-of the art laser has been procured for laser correction of refractive error. With such technology comes the aid of the best expert. Great faith is placed in cooperation with Dr. Jankov, from now for ever, for the benefit of “Dr. Sefić” Office and all of their patients. The cooperation implies educational events to be followed by consulting assistance. It is expected that Dr. Jankov will assist in the setting up the business, including providing the patients with telephone information, admitting patients for examination, surgery, check-ups (follow-ups).

The main objective of the cooperation is to reach in “Dr. Sefić” Office the level of standard Dr. Jankov introduced in LaserFocus Centre in Belgrade. Therefore, a part of the team from “Dr. Sefić Office”, including head nurse, secretary and telephone operator payed a visit to Belgrade in order to understand the clinic’s routine and how new experience could be successfully transferred to their facility.
-After 90 year-long career history of working in Sarajevo and Banjaluka, ophthalmologists from Dr. Sefić family have built their reputation and standard of services, which, certainly, working with Dr.Jankov and ‘’LaserFocus’’ group, will be enhanced to be able to offer the best services comparable to those found worldwide.

Dr. Sanja Sefić Kasumović has been practicing ophthalmologist- entrepreneur for twelve years.She worked together with many of her colleagues, but after meeting Dr. Jankov she realized to have met someone who met her criteria in order to become her partner in this not in the least easy field, requiring utmost responsibility in taking care of the patient eyes. After two meetings, Dr. Sefić Kasumović new she wanted to learn and benefit from Dr. Jankov’s skill and expertise, and use his renown name, quality services and standards applied by Dr.Jankov in his LaserFocus Centre. As a result of this cooperation, you may presently experience when visiting ,”Dr. Seffić” Office, high level quality of service, identical to one found in LaserFocus Centre in Belgrade.

The first laser-assisted refractive error correction in Sarajevo was scheduled for the end of May. Recently, the new laser machine arrived in Sarajevo, and the first surgery and concurrently a form of training for fellow doctors from “Dr.Sefić” clinic will be performed by Dr. Jankov.

Announcement of Third Masterclass Event

The meeting of world renown experts with their colleagues from Serbia traditionally organized by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery will be held in Continental Hotel, Belgrade on 27 May 2011.

The Masterclass will offer opportunities to all the participants to get answers from any area of their interest from the most reputed experts. The speakers will, as usual, comment video recordings showing surgical procedures and comment every step through the procedure. The participants will have the opportunity to stop the speaker at any point in order to seek clarifications or specific comments and answers.

The doctors will exchange new experiences, ideas and knowledge “from the horse’s mouth”, in order to complement their skills in the area of refractive and cataract surgery.
If this is your area of interest, we will be proud to share with you this year’s Master Class.

Your LaserFocus Team

ACSR San Diego, Congress on Cataract

Annual meeting of ophthalmologists from all over the world – ACSR Cataract, IOL and Refractive Surgery Congress was held from 25-29 March, 2011 in San Diego. Many papers and lectures were delivered, together with the presentation of special events in relation to the eye surgery and practice. At the Congress, during the session dedicated to the “cross-linking” method, Dr. Mirko Jankov, PhD with a group of authors ((E. Coskunseven, S. Atun, G. D. Kymionis, I. G. Pallikari) delivered a lecture on: Toric ICL Implantation After Intracorneal Ring Implantation Followed by Corneal CXL for Treatment of Keratoconus.

ESCRS Istanbul Turkey, 2011

The Fifteenth Winter Meeting of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

This event held from 18-20 February, 2011 was hosted by ECSR (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons ), and co-hosted by the Department of Cataract and Refractive Surgery of the TOS (Turkish Ophthalmological Society).
The lectures and the Sessions of the main Symposium were dedicated to Premiun IOL, Unexpected Complications Management, Affected Eye Cataract Surgery,Options in the Treatment of Hyperopia, etc. Within the “Cornea Days” cases from this area were presented. During the Session on “Cross-Linking” method, Dr. Mirko Jankov, PhD with a group of authors ((E. Coskunseven, S. Atun, G. D. Kymions, I. Pallikari) delivered a lecture on: “Toric ICL Implantation After Intracorneal Ring Implantation Followed by Corneal CXL for Treatment of Keratoconus”.

LaserFocus hosting foreign participants

Dr. Lofler (Löffler), Dr. Mrochen and Dr. Seiler have attached a lot of attention to prepare this course in Switzerland, which for four years in a row prepares doctors from all over the world by addressing every aspect of successful cataract and refractive surgery.

We wish to proudly share with you the fact that this course was organized for the first time in Belgrade (venue) from 10-13 December 2010, hosting an international audience of some fifteen doctors. Development of special skills through practical part was organized in the facility of the LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery.

The course was organized by the LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery (Serbia) and IROC Institute (Switzerland) in cooperation with ALCON (Switzerland).

Masterclass accredited by the Ministry of Health

The second meeting of the world renown ophthalmologists with their colleagues from Serbia was held on 10 December 2010 and was hosted by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery. It became obvious that the participants thought of the First Masterclass to be exceptionally successful in the transfer of knowledge, above-standard quality and quantity of conveyed information. Special guests attending the course, once again were Experts from Brazil, Dr. Schor and Dr. Lake, local experts, Dr. Jovanović (LaserFocus and CHC Zvezdara, Dr. Delević, (Oculus), Dr. Ljutica Stankov and Dr. Nikolić (CHC Zvezdara) in the role of teachers, virtuosos of refractive and cataract surgery.

The primary objective of Masterclass was equitable sharing of specific expertise and information that can be acquired only through hard work and experience, namely through a large number of surgical procedures and interventions. Such form of information sharing means interactive approach and two-way communication – doctors, speakers (lecturers) comment videos of surgeries thus fully clarifying and providing arguments for each step of the procedure, but an important feature of the course are the participants, namely their questions, as they are free to interrupt the presentation in order to preclude any dilemma and to ask for specific and concrete answers. For exactly this reson, many participants feel that this learning approach is special, because such valuable knowledge and insight cannot always be found in books. On the other hand, the doctors as lecturers also wish to share their experience showing that they, too benefit from the event through discussions and exchange of opinions.

By turning into a series of courses, Masterclass contributes to fostering permanent exchange of knowledge and experience and equitable tutoring of colleagues, who owing to the disclosure of the “tricks and tips of the trade” by leading experts in the field, get prepared for new challenges brought about by cataract and refractive surgery.

The participants at the course and the nurses were awarded 7 points by the competent Chamber for Continuous Medical Education.

Chicago Meeting of Ophthalmologists

Chicago, USA 16 – 19. October 2010

For the first time, AAO-American Academy of Ophthalmology,( organized this event together with MEACO (Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology). The event featured strong turnout with more than 23,000 participants, 500 instruction courses, 90 skill transfer courses, 165 round tables and over 2000 scientific presentations. For the first time, the event featured Facial and Eye Surgery Day as plastic surgery sub-specialties with more than 8,000 turnout.

The Congress of the Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists

The Eleventh Congress of the Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists was held from 22-25 September last year in Subotica, and it was the “major meeting of Serbian ophthalmologists” as recognized by Prof. Ljubiša Nikolić, PhD, president of the said Association. The event featured the presentation of a great number of expert papers prepared by Serbian experts. The participants at the event were in a position to experience, among other papers, presentations by LaserFocus experts about latest aspects in the treatment of hypermetropia and keratoconus. Within the Session on Cataract and Refractive Surgery, a presentation was dedicated to “LASIK in High Hypermetropia” (Dr. Mirko Jankov II, PhD and Dr. Vesna Jovanović, MSc). The LaserFocus experts together with their colleagues from other institutions held a course covering “Keratoconus – Diagnosis and Treatment” (Dr. Mirko Jankov, Dr. V. Jovanović, Dr. S. Delević, Dr. N. Jagodić).

The 28th Congress of the ESCRS

The 28th Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
Paris, 4 – 8 September 2010

This Congress, one of the major ophthalmic events, took place together with EURETINA Congress this time, featuring some 10,000 turnout from cities all over the world. The importance, diversity and large range and range of up-to-date topics and sessions attract year in, year out constantly growing number of experts.

This year, Dr.Mirko Jankov and Dr. Vesna Jovanović attended the Congress as the author or co-author of six papers or presentations during the Symposium and Instruction Courses. The topics they addressed included keratoconus, irregular astigmatism ablation, myopia and the use of last generation laser in cataract refractive surgery.

The Instruction Courses organized during the Congress attracted a large turnout. The courses are interactive, with smaller groups and an open and informal atmosphere, where the participants are invited to interrupt the speaker during the presentation in order to ask questions.

The First Masterclass was successful

Disclosing “tricks and tips” of the trade was very inspiring for the participants

The first meeting of world renown virtuosos of cataract and refractive surgery with a group of ophthalmologists from Serbia known as Masterclass was successfully held on 12 June 2010, hosted by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery. Renown surgeons from Brazil, Dr. Schor and Dr .Lake, equitably shared their rich surgical experience with the participants.

The interactive approach and permanent commenting of video recordings showing surgical procedures, both by speakers and the participants, followed by questions and discussions resulted in positive response by the doctors who found this approach to the exchange of knowledge and experience above all useful.

As a result of the wish and the need of Serbian ophthalmologists for permanent development and improvement of their knowledge and skills in this way, it has been planned to turn the Masterclass into a series of courses accredited by the Ministry of Health. The participants will gradually upgrade their skills according to thematic areas, and they will also be given the opportunity to suggest the areas of their interest.

World Ophthalmology Congress in Berlin

World Ophthalmology Congress 2010 – WOC 2010

The new challenges in ophthalmology were discussed through outstanding presentations held by experts within the framework of the World Ophthalmology Congress 2010 in Berlin, early in June 2010. This important event had a vast turnout of 13,000 from 145 countries worldwide, and Dr.Mirko Jankov,PhD, representing LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery and our country, was one of the speakers who contributed to the success of the event.

During one of the Symposia, Dr. Mirko Jankov had a presentation covering “cross-linking” method with topography-guided laser treatment which received outstanding response, and chaired a session under the main programme in the field of refractive surgery dedicated to dealing with complicated cases of irregular astigmatism.

Asian International Congress in Ophthalmology

The 102nd Annual International Meeting of the Korean Ophthalmic Society was held from 6th – 8th November 2009 in Seoul, South Korea. This international event provided the perfect opportunity for the world’s foremost ophthalmologists to present and exchange the very latest information and technological trends in cataract and refractive surgery.

The Congress consisted of several symposia, video poster presentations and instructional courses which were attended by over 1700 ophthalmologists from around the world.

Dr. Mirko Jankov – representing both Serbia and LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery – was a guest speaker at this event, having been personally invited by the organizers, and gave two lectures on the ‘Treatment Options of Allegretto and Case Studies’ and ‘Customized Treatment Options in Refractive Surgery’.

27th ESCRS Meeting

Over 5000 experts in ophthalmology and refractive surgery from Europe and around the world congregated for this year’s Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in Barcelona, Spain. This large gathering of global ophthalmic delegates was organized by one of the most famous non-profit societies, the ESCRS, which has always enjoyed great support from the wider ophthalmic community.

This year’s 27th ESCRS Congress, held from the 12th to the 16th of September, represents the most significant ophthalmological in Europe and consisted of a rich and diverse scientific program including over 100 instructional courses, 5 main symposia and over 600 free papers presented by speakers from all over the world.

Along with a few other colleagues from Serbia, Dr. Mirko R. Jankov was an excellent representative of Serbian ophthalmology, presenting lectures during two symposia and taking part in three instructional courses on topics such as customized ablation in the management of irregular astigmatism, intracorneal ring segment implantation, and the application of Ultra B2 in the treatment of keratoconus. Aside from this, Dr. Jankov was also an integral part of the ‘Meet the Experts’ session, organized for the benefit of Alcon/Wavelight users, lecturing on the application of topography-guided PRK treatment.

XXXV Congress of Ophthalmology Brazil 2009

The 35th traditional Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology (XXXV Congresso Brasiliero de Oftalmologia), held from the 24th to the 27th of August in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, attracted a large number of ophthalmic experts from all over the world, and represented one of the most important events concerning ophthalmology in Brazil and the region.

This year, the Congress welcomed an unbelievably large number of participants, of which foreign experts attracted the most attention, delivering their presentations in front of packed lecturing halls throughout this three-day event. One of the most striking figures at this international congregation was our own Dr. Jankov, who played the role of head instructor (Instruktor Principal) and in cooperation with his esteemed colleagues trained younger, prospective surgeons in modern-day refractive procedures within the course: Refractive surgery 2009 – How do we select the best method for our patients?

During this one-day course, young ophthalmologists had the opportunity to ingest the latest information on the application of topography-guided procedures to obtain precise results enabling more accurate diagnosis with the aim of improving their knowledge on the latest technological advances and developments in global refractive surgery.

The introduction of such educational courses raised the profile of this year’s event to a global level and presented an excellent site for the international elite to show the rest of the world how this fascinating branch of ophthalmology truly functions and inspire exciting expectations of what may be yet to come.

Ophthalmic Foundation of Los Andes

Chile’s leading ophthalmic organization in Los Andes organized an invitation-only ophthalmic event which brought together the foremost global experts in the world of ophthalmology and refractive surgery

With his presence, Dr. Jankov enhanced this jubilee occasion marking the 20th anniversary of the formation of this most important of Chilean ophthalmic organizations, by lecturing a full auditorium on ‘Combined treatments of Topography-guided PRK’, ‘Ultra B2 as a treatment for keratoconus’ and ‘Refractive surgery: Choosing the right treatment for each patient’. Dr. Jankov explained the significance of these appearances emphasizing that it is extremely important for any professional to keep himself continually informed in any aspect regarding technology in laser-guided refractive surgery, but that it is also important to keep up a communicative relationship with his patients, to show interest in him because in that way the patient is sure, not only of his decsion to undergo surgery, but is also sure of the surgeon with whom he is trusting his eyesight, which is crucial. He added that he was pleased that his colleagues throughout the world felt this way.

2009 Congress of Refractive Surgery in Portugal

A large number of ophthalmic experts from the world over, representatives of ophthalmology and refractive surgery, gathered in Albufiera, in southern Portugal, for this year’s international Congress of Refractive Surgery (CIRP – Cirurgia Implanto-Refractiva de Portugal).

This Congress took place from the 5th to the 6th of June, and participants were able to spend these two days attending various lectures and presentations given by world leaders in ophthalmology, taking part in scientific meetings, symposia and generally enrichening their knowledge on key ophthalmic topics. Information was passed on in all forms, from the publication and presentation of vital case studies to the display of the most recent laboratory research and latest results concerning refractive surgery and ophthalmology.

Dr. Jankov, as a guest visitante, and the only representative of Serbia and the region, had the honour of receiving a personal invitation from the Congress organizers and gave two presentations on ‘Ultra B2 as a method of treating keratoconus’ and ‘The Application of LASIK as a treatment for presbyopia’ (farsightedness as a result of old age). Afterwards, Dr. Jankov exchanged the latest information and ideas on refractive surgery with his fellow international colleagues, experts in their field, and showed that Serbia was not lagging behind and keeping up with new trends. «I’m glad that my colleagues were positively influenced by my presentations and came away with the impression that our country isn’t such a small one in the world of ophthalmology and refractive surgery», he said at the closing ceremony of this prestigious gathering.

V Round Table in Refractive Surgery

Lecturer: Mirko R. Jankov, MD PhD

A sizeable number of ophthalmologists from Serbia and around the region attended LaserFocus’ V Round Table in Refractive Surgery, the latest in a series of educational meetings offered by our centre to ophthalmologist throughout the region. This gathering was held on 29th May at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. During the introductory lecture on keratoconus and cross-linking, Dr. Mirko Jankov thanked his colleagues for their sustained interest and attendance.

Bearing in mind that around 20% of patients, mostly young people, suffering from this corneal disease, keratoconus, must undergo a corneal transplant, and seeing as Serbia lags far behind the developed world in this particular medical area (as there does not exist an organized donor organ bank) one cannot overestimate the importance of discussing and applying new methods of arresting the development of keratoconus, thereby avoiding the need of a transplant.

Traditionally, the V Round Table also consisted of a range of interesting lectures and presentations given by Dr. Mirko Jankov and other chosen colleagues from other medical institutions in Serbia and around the region; these were followed by an ‘open case discussion‘ – a forum in which participants were able lead the way by putting forward cases from their own practice and discussing possible solutions and treatments with the experts.

Wavelight Users’ Meeting 2009

The 10th International Meeting of WaveLight Users was held in the beautiful Bavarian capital of Munich, from 15th to 17th May, providing both new and established users worldwide with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences. Your ophthalmologist, dr Mirko Jankov (one of WaveLight’s Global Ambassadors) was an invited guest speaker and gave an insightful ‘short course’ lecture on the “Clinical Approach to Topography-guided Treatments”.

This year, WaveLight focused on their latest developments: the combination of new Excimer laser technology and next generation Femtosecond laser technology within the Refractive Center, as well as the new ALLEGRO Topolyzer VARIO. The first day of the Meeting, Friday 15th, consisted of a series of short courses, targeting various consumer groups – from assistant managers and technicians to experienced, leading refractive surgeons. The Symposium scheduled the following day, Saturday 16th, enabled a range of expert opinions to be voiced in front of an eager, expectant audience.

Members of LaserFocus’ administrative staff also attended the meeting, reflecting our abiding commitment to providing the best possible service for our patients.

IV Round Table in Refractive Surgery

LaserFocus held their fourth educational meeting, or Round Table in Refractive Surgery, on 10th April at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade. It consisted of several presentations and open discussions on specific practical situations and cases brought forward by both lecturers and participants, focusing on the various ways of choosing the right form of preparation and treatment for refractive patients, as well as on the guidance aspect of the doctor-patient relationship with the goal of avoiding possible pitfalls and improving communication.

ASCRS 2009, cataract and refractive surgery

One of the ophthalmic community’s most renowned annual meetings, that of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, took place this year in San Francisco from 3rd to 8th April, and consisted of a great number of symposia, presentations and intensive training sessions aimed at educating young, budding refractive surgeons of the future by transferring and exchanging the latest information in the field of ophthalmology and refractive surgery, as well as the perfection of surgical technique.

Dr. Mirko Jankov, as one of the leading refractive surgeons, joined forces with his friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Efekan Coskunseven, director of a refractive surgery facility and representative of the Turkish ophthalmic community, to deliver a presentation of results from their work combining Ultra B2 treatment and the implantation of Ferrara rings as a method of treating keratoconus.

MEACO 2009 – Innovation in focus, Serbia in touch

Around 3000 of the world’s finest refractive surgeons and ophthalmic experts from around the world were present at the 10th Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology International Congress held in Manama, Bahrain.

Your ophthalmologist, Dr. Mirko Jankov, as head of refractive surgery in the most sophisticated centre for eye microsurgery in the region, LaserFocus, was invited to be an honorable guest speaker and delivered a series of lectures on Ultra B2 treatment methods, new laser technology, and rectifying complications in refractive surgery.

The Congress, which ran from 26th to 30th March, composed of 74 symposia, 120 training sessions and a vast number of other lectures and presentations covering all of the key ophthalmic issues, ranging from publications of important case studies performed by recognized experts, to the display of the most recent laboratory research findings.

Another enticing event at the gathering was the Leadership Development Program for the further education of young students, the budding generations of young ophthalmologists, who will not only follow in the footsteps of their mentors, but also contribute to discovering new methods of ophthalmic treatment and care. It’s main aim is the promotion of transparency and responsibility in both the personal and professional aspects of the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Jankov contends: “Being an excellent physician isn’t just a question of leadership, dedication and hard work but also realizing an honest channel of communication with every patient throughout the entire surgical procedure, from the pre-operative to the post-operative period. Listening to the patient, being their for him and conveying relevant information in the correct manner is what defines an expert as being successful.”