Masterclass accredited by the Ministry of Health

The second meeting of the world renown ophthalmologists with their colleagues from Serbia was held on 10 December 2010 and was hosted by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery. It became obvious that the participants thought of the First Masterclass to be exceptionally successful in the transfer of knowledge, above-standard quality and quantity of conveyed information. Special guests attending the course, once again were Experts from Brazil, Dr. Schor and Dr. Lake, local experts, Dr. Jovanović (LaserFocus and CHC Zvezdara, Dr. Delević, (Oculus), Dr. Ljutica Stankov and Dr. Nikolić (CHC Zvezdara) in the role of teachers, virtuosos of refractive and cataract surgery.

The primary objective of Masterclass was equitable sharing of specific expertise and information that can be acquired only through hard work and experience, namely through a large number of surgical procedures and interventions. Such form of information sharing means interactive approach and two-way communication – doctors, speakers (lecturers) comment videos of surgeries thus fully clarifying and providing arguments for each step of the procedure, but an important feature of the course are the participants, namely their questions, as they are free to interrupt the presentation in order to preclude any dilemma and to ask for specific and concrete answers. For exactly this reson, many participants feel that this learning approach is special, because such valuable knowledge and insight cannot always be found in books. On the other hand, the doctors as lecturers also wish to share their experience showing that they, too benefit from the event through discussions and exchange of opinions.

By turning into a series of courses, Masterclass contributes to fostering permanent exchange of knowledge and experience and equitable tutoring of colleagues, who owing to the disclosure of the “tricks and tips of the trade” by leading experts in the field, get prepared for new challenges brought about by cataract and refractive surgery.

The participants at the course and the nurses were awarded 7 points by the competent Chamber for Continuous Medical Education.