Azra Šoše, PRK, Čapljina, Bosna i Hercegovina

“”Million thanks to dear God and my dear doctor who managed to “persuade” me to undergo laser dioptre removal. All compliments for Dr. Sanja and Dr. Jankov. I would recommend to everybody not to be afraid, because I believe they are in safe hands. I was not afraid because I fully trusted my dear doctor and all she said. I had photo refractive keratectomy (PRK) due to retinal thickness and everything went well. One month later I feel great. Is there anything better than see the world again with one’s own eyes, without lens and glasses! I am overwhelmed with happiness!

P.S. Best regards from Čapljina
Azra Šoše”

Mirko Graovac, LASIK

“Although renown for his high expertise, numerous rewards and achievements, these are not the facts that distiguish Dr. Mirko Jankov from other professionals in his area. His competitive advantage lies in his love for the profession he chose. Due to his being fond of his calling, Dr. Jankov was obviously able to build through his hard work, efforts and commitment a system of values that he applies on a day-to-day basis. Owing to his amazing associates and his team, the said system has been fully implemented in LaserFocus. I believe that it is quite clear why I did not mention the surgical procedure itself, its pre- and postoperative outcome. The only outcome achieved by Dr. Jankov and his team is a hundred percent successful surgical outcome, planned from the start, resulting in a sound eye and patient’s satisfaction.
I wish all the best and extend my best regards to LaserFocus staff and especially to Dr.Jankov,
Mirko Graovac”

Sanja Jovanović, LASIK, Požarevac

ms Sanja Jovanovic

“Two days after the surgery have elapsed. I feel perfectly well. My sight improves on a dayly basis and the pictures become ever more clear. I can most frankly say that I got ”new eyes” and that I regained my sight not only phisically but spiritually, as well because I came to know some wonderful, positive people and professionals. I am talking about true professionals, who function as a perfect team which fascinates me. I most sincerely extend my thanks to Dr. Mirko Jankov for offering me a chance for a new life and a better view of the world. I also express my thanks to Dr. Vesna Jovanovic, and the rest of the team for everything. I admit that for the gratitude I feel the entire Patient Testimonials Book would not prove sufficient.
I believe this speaks for itself.

Natalija Pojatar, LASIK, Valjevo

“I began wearing glasses at the age of ten. I was advised to wear lenses due to my worsened vision condition. Since that day my daily routine included inserting and removing my contact lenses, scratchy eyes, eyestrain.Through my university days my vision deteriorated to -11D (diopters) prompting me to decide to undergo refractive surgery. I was greatly disappointed by the doctors’ opinion that under the best scenario the outcome might be – 3D. At the time, I felt greatly the doctors’ indifference but then, luckily, I learned about Dr. Mirko Jankov, whom I have met shortly afterwards.
I enter the surgery on the appointed date without lenses and spectacles. I see two persons in green standing, and I know that one of them is the doctor, but I cannot see them. After the procedure, through which I was carefully guided by the doctor who spoke to me all the time explaining what he was doing, I get up and see all the people around me. For the first time I experienced something like that when I was ten, and now. Words cannot describe my enthusiasm when the doctor told me that I am no longer spectacle dependent. Still, two months after the surgery, I did not lose my habit of looking for my glasses in the morning, reaching out with my hand, and every time I get pleasantly surprised to open my eyes and see.
I exted my great gratitude to Dr. Mirko Jankov! I will never forget his saying: ” The technology is of top quality, but I will add 110% of my share. This is how it was!
I wish to thank the girls in LaserFocus who stood by me all the way, and to Dr. Vesna for patiently answering all my questions.
Thanks immensely.
Natalija Pojatar”

Vjera Čakić, PRK + ULTRA B2

“My eyesight first started deteriorating when I was fourteen years old, and my refractive error became progressively larger until it stabilised at -6.5 when I was in my thirties. At first, I wore glasses but once I had reached -3 I had to revert to contact lenses because they were far less awkward. I contemplated laser surgery for a long time but couldn’t convince myself that it was the best solution. A friend of mine recommended an ophthalmologist, who in turn advised me to consult Dr. Jankov. I went to LaserFocus for a detailed examination, a thorough analysis of my sight capabilities. Moreover, I feel it is extremely important that exhaustive diagnostic work be done as only then can the precise parameters be applied to the laser; this is done in LaserFocus very professionally thus eliminating any possibility of error. As Dr. Jankov had detected keratoconus in its initial stages (which had hitherto remained undetected by other doctors) I decided to undergo PRK treatment as well as cornea stabilization. The operation went phenomenally well and I can now see perfectly. Now I can do a whole range of things which would have posed a problem before. It has been six months since I underwent the procedure and every morning I wake up thrilled to have met a person who was able to solve my lifelong sight problem and I am eternally grateful to him and his team for the support they continued to show me afterwards. Their professionalism and humanity know no bounds.
Vjera Čakić, Split, Croatia”

Biljana Mitrović, cataract surgery

ms Biljana Mitrovic

“I owe Dr. Jankov a great debt of gratitude. Five months ago he performed cataract surgery on one eye, and on the 3rd of September 2009 he carried out the same operation on the other. I was very relaxed and at ease, with complete trust in him as a surgeon and as a man. He was an endless source of warmth and encouragement, and I am immensely grateful to him for every heartening word; for all the attention that he dedicated to me. His colleagues, mostly female, were tremendously kind and willing to help at any time and in every capacity; in person, over the phone, whenever I needed help, advice or support. Words cannot possibly describe the way I feel every time I enter the clinic; the feeling of security and trust, even if it’s just for a brief conversation. Because of all this, I can only say one more BIG THANK-YOU to Dr. Jankov.
Many regards,
Yours Biljana, Belgrade, Serbia”

Nadežda Pavlović, cataract surgery, 97 years old

ms Nadezda Pavlovic

“I’m writing this with a huge smile on my face, elated that my affliction is gone. When I was told upon examination that I had a cataract on my left eye I was scared because I didn’t know what to do; it was then that my neighbour told me of Dr. Jankov and how she was sure he could end my suffering.
I went to see him for a check-up and he told me not to worry because he could perform the operation necessary. I was both happy and insecure at the same time, because I wasn’t sure how safe it was to undergo an operation at my 97 years of age. However, Dr. Jankov explained that I had nothing to worry about and the clinical staff were extremely helpful in guiding me through the necessary examinations and preparatory procedures needed for the operation to be as safe and risk-free as possible. I am very grateful to them, as I feel this success wouldn’t have been possible without them.
On the day of the operation, I endured a nervous wait, until I was greeted by nurse Milena’s kind face 🙂 and led into the operating theatre. Before I was even able to become properly scared like I’d planned :), I heard Dr. Jankov saying: “All done, Nada.”
I cannot even begin to describe that feeling, as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The following day, at my post-operative examination, I told Dr. Jankov I had finally gotten a good night’s sleep and he was overjoyed; even more so when I told him that, as he had fixed my eyesight, I was now able to notice every line and wrinkle on my face :). But we’ll fix those some other time.
I would like to say thank you very much to Dr. Jankov and the whole team at the clinic who attended to my every need, I am now planning to visit my family in Novi Sad.
Your friend Nada, Belgrade, Serbia”

Đorđe Baralić, LASIK

mr Djordje Baralic

“I had been wearing glasses and contact lenses for 14 years; at one point my refractive error had advanced to -6. Without optical aids, I was unable to read anything or even function normally. I used to ask myself how bad the torture was for people who had even greater refractive error than myself. At one time, I had grown accustomed to medium-hard contact lenses, but while traveling and taking on an ever-busier schedule… I realized that I needed an alternative to glasses and contacts. I had first heard of laser-guided sight correction 9 years ago, but at that time many had grave reservations and were quite skeptical. I decided to wait until the technology had advanced far enough for me to consider it a viable solution to my problem.
About a year ago, my eyes started to reject contact lenses, i.e. I was having prolonged and continual problems. This came as a blow to me, as I had spent 5 relatively trouble-free years. I consulted my ophthalmologist, Dr. Suncica Sreckovic, an excellent practitioner and person. I trusted her fully, and when she advised me not to wear contacts anymore, I was very disappointed. I asked her how she felt about laser surgery and she immediately advised me to seek out Dr. Jankov, of whom I had also heard from other patients. After doing a little research on the Internet I decided to pay him a visit, because, based on his remarkable work and results in his field of specialization I had developed a lot of confidence in his abilities.
I came to the clinic full of hope that I would be able to solve my problem. I was instantly impressed by the exquisite clinic interior and the kind, obliging staff. All necessary examinations were carried out with maximal professionalism. I was overjoyed when I learnt that I qualified as a candidate for LASIK surgery. The whole procedure was explained to me in great detail, and I made an appointment to undergo the surgery a month-and-a-half later. My first encounter with Dr. Jankov and his team had inspired a tremendous sense of optimism.
When I told my friends of my decision to undergo laser surgery, many of them expressed reservations and advised me to wait. However, I had firmly made up my mind, and in the days leading up to the operation I wasn’t even thinking about it. When the day came, I was fully convinced of success, but concurrently a little afraid, as I knew that I would be fully conscious for the entire duration. I knew that there existed a minimal degree of risk, but I deeply believed that everything would go perfectly. I felt a little trepidation upon signing the operation consent form, but I was greatly encouraged by the sight of patients who had been operated on leaving the theatre with smiles on their faces. Dr. Jankov explained the whole procedure to me, second by second, and I completely relaxed myself. After the operation, I experienced an unbelievable sensation. After so many years of struggling, I was finally able to make out the faces of my loved ones without the help of any glasses or lenses – my happiness knew no bounds. I felt as though something vital and wonderful had occurred in my life. The recovery period was very quick. On the second day, I went back to work and carried on with my new life. It was as though God had sent me a gift via Dr. Jankov and his team.
The crucial part was deciding to take the plunge and believing that within three days I could live a better, more fulfilling life. I concentrated on the way I would feel at the end – free, confident, fulfilled.
Today, I don’t think about it anymore and I’ve carried on with my duties and obligations. But I am a happier, more optimistic, more fulfilled individual. I remember the day of my operation as a positive turning point in my life. It was, for me, a brave step that allowed me to take on life’s challenges with added confidence. It is the reason that I continue to believe that many more beautiful, memorable moments lie in wait for me and I will treasure that day always.
Đorđe Baralić, Kragujevac, Serbia”

Tamara Jovičić, LASIK

ms Tamara Jovicic

“Ever since I was little I’d had to wear glasses, and I’d been wearing contact lenses for the past ten years. After all this time, I decided to rid myself of the need for any visual aids and see properly without hassle :). My ophthalmologist, a dear family friend, recommended Dr. Jankov to me, describing him as an expert in his field who could best help me with my problem. When Dr. Jankov informed me that I was a candidate for LASIK surgery I was over the moon. The time I spent with him and his staff filled me with confidence. On the day of the operation I was completely calm and felt no fear at all. When the procedure was over, the first thing I saw was Dr. Jankov’s smiling face which asked me: «Tamara, do you see me?». I was speechless as I looked around the room, taking in every minor detail – I could see! Even now I cannot accurately describe that sensation. All the post-operative controls went brilliantly leaving me extremely satisfied.
Thanks once again,
Regards, Tamara, RS, Bosnia & Herzegovina”

Stevan Knežević, LASIK

mr Stevan Knezevic

“I was healthy, I felt great… 🙂 just joking. Before going to see Dr. Jankov I had a refractive error of +2 and cylindrical vision of -3.75 (on both eyes). This caused me a great amount of trouble through life because I constantly had to think about and be wary of wearing glasses, i.e. contact lenses for the last two years – not to lie down with them in place, not to be able to swim in them etc. Whenever I ordered lenses (for the past year I took monthly ones) 50% of the time they were somehow faulty and I would have to wait another month for new ones to be made etc… At that time, Lazo, my friend and colleague told me about Dr. Jankov, who had operated on him a year and a half previously with highly pleasing results! Taking his recommendation to heart I went to LaserFocus, where I was greatly impressed from the moment I stepped in through the door. The ambience was great and everyone conducted themselves with commendable professionalism except… 🙂 I’m joking. I underwent a check-up and received much more information than I’d expected. Dr. Jankov treated me extremely well (unlike most other doctors who couldn’t care one way or the other and treat their patients as serial numbers…).
When I came for my operation I felt relaxed, as I trusted Dr. Mirko Jankov 100%. It almost felt as if I just had to stop by and run an erranc and then get on with the rest of the day. That’s pretty much the way it went as the operation lasted 15 minutes for both eyes. All the while during the procedure, Dr. Jankov explained everything to be step by step so I felt completely secure as it was obvious that he knew what he was doing. As soon as the operation was over I was able to see much better which made me close my eyes. The following day my eyes itched a little but that couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The day after everything was completely fine and my new life had begun!
I should mention that I made the decision to have LASIK surgery primarily because of my friend’s recommendation and positive experience, but the other crucial factor was Dr. Jankov and the thrill of meeting him. Now I am able to recommend him to you, and you will see what I mean when you meet him.
I am writing this with perfect eyesight 🙂 and a smile on face; I can hardly wait for the next post-operative check-up when I’ll get to see the whole LaserFocus team again!
Regards, Stevan Knežević, Belgrade, Serbia”

Bojana Blečić, LASIK

mr Bojana Blecic

“I first began having trouble with my eyesight around ten years ago when my farsightedness reached +7. My case was a special one as glasses were of no help, and my blurry vision was accompanied by migraine headaches and constant nausea. Dr. Dijana, my ophthalmologist recommended Dr. Jankov to me, and assured me that he would be able to treat my condition; that’s the way it would turn out. Saying all of the right things, Dr. Jankov earned my total trust. He explained that LASIK surgery would be the only solution to my problem. I am habitually afraid of such procedures, but this time there was no hesitation on my part and I immediately agreed to undergo the operation. I have to admit that there was a certain degree of fear, but that was more of the unknown and and even a sense of positive excitement and anticipation that I couldn’t hide. When the operation was over, Dr. Jankov showed me his palm and I was able to make out the hitherto unnoticable lines and nooks and crannies; I cannot possibly but that sense of delight and satisfaction into words. I picked up a newspaper and started to read; the words were crystal clear, there was no blurriness and my happiness knew no limit. It has been 5 months since my operation and I continue to perform all my responsibilities and functions without any trouble at all; reading, watching tv etc. What’s more, my aspirin and other headache medication have vanished from my purse.
I can only be eternally grateful to Dr. Jankov and the entire LaserFocus team, as they have afforded me a wonderful new life and, of course, I heartily recommend anyone with any eye trouble at all to go and see Dr. Jankov immediately, as he can truly make miracles happen.
Kind regards from Bojana, Kotor, Montenegro”

Mirjana Kovačević, LASIK

“I visited Dr. Jankov and decided to undergo LASIK surgery because I had been wearing contact lenses since elementary school and had grown extremely tired of them. I learnt of Dr Jankov through the Internet and the more I read about him and his work, the more appealing the idea became, and I felt 100% assured when I went for my first examination and spoke with him. He filled me with confidence and inspired trust; any fears or doubts were completely by the time I entered the operating theatre. I would happily like to assert that Dr Jankov has truly broadened my horizons and thanks to him I feel FREE, without the need for contact lenses.
Mirjana, Belgrade, Serbia”

Jelena, LASIK

“I first heard of Dr. Jankov through my friend who, with great acclaim, explained that he was the best man to help me; something I never once doubted after having met him later on. Dr. Jankov filled me with unbelievable confidence, not solely as an ophthalmologist but as a person, in the way that he described the [LASIK] procedure, which instilled in me the belief that THIS WAS FOR ME! The right choice which I would not regret. And so it happened. After the operation, which was very short, I felt a great sense of relief and happiness at being able to look around the room without contact lenses. I cannot possible convey that emotion accurately enough; not to have the tedious need to put on contacts or other visual aids, every moment of every day. And I gladly explain to everyone whom I meet that I sleep peacefully now!
Jelena, Belgrade, Serbia”

Marija Šević, LASIK

ms Marija Sevic

“As well as hearing of Dr. Jankov through various sources, I also had the pleasure of experiencing his work first-hand, as he had already operated on my elder sister. When I saw how satisfied she was with the results, I instantly decided to undergo the procedure myself. I knew that I was placing myself in good hands, those of a real expert.
On the day of the operation, I was very relaxed and sure of a desired outcome. Admittedly, I had been a little nervous the night before, but as soon as I’d entered the clinic, my fears momentarily disappeared. The operation was short and I conversed with Dr. Jankov the whole time. I had entered the operating theatre without glasses, with blurred vision and unable to recognize Dr. Jankov and his team of colleagues. After the operation, when I stood up, faces I had hitherto been unable to distinguish now appeared perfectly clear, and I was able to acquaint myself with them open-eyed and smiling from ear to ear.
All in all, this was certainly an experience I shall never forget, and treasure each and every time I habitually reach for the glasses I will never need again.
Marija, Valjevo, Serbia”