The Congress of the Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists

The Eleventh Congress of the Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists was held from 22-25 September last year in Subotica, and it was the “major meeting of Serbian ophthalmologists” as recognized by Prof. Ljubiša Nikolić, PhD, president of the said Association. The event featured the presentation of a great number of expert papers prepared by Serbian experts. The participants at the event were in a position to experience, among other papers, presentations by LaserFocus experts about latest aspects in the treatment of hypermetropia and keratoconus. Within the Session on Cataract and Refractive Surgery, a presentation was dedicated to “LASIK in High Hypermetropia” (Dr. Mirko Jankov II, PhD and Dr. Vesna Jovanović, MSc). The LaserFocus experts together with their colleagues from other institutions held a course covering “Keratoconus – Diagnosis and Treatment” (Dr. Mirko Jankov, Dr. V. Jovanović, Dr. S. Delević, Dr. N. Jagodić).