The First Masterclass was successful

Disclosing “tricks and tips” of the trade was very inspiring for the participants

The first meeting of world renown virtuosos of cataract and refractive surgery with a group of ophthalmologists from Serbia known as Masterclass was successfully held on 12 June 2010, hosted by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery. Renown surgeons from Brazil, Dr. Schor and Dr .Lake, equitably shared their rich surgical experience with the participants.

The interactive approach and permanent commenting of video recordings showing surgical procedures, both by speakers and the participants, followed by questions and discussions resulted in positive response by the doctors who found this approach to the exchange of knowledge and experience above all useful.

As a result of the wish and the need of Serbian ophthalmologists for permanent development and improvement of their knowledge and skills in this way, it has been planned to turn the Masterclass into a series of courses accredited by the Ministry of Health. The participants will gradually upgrade their skills according to thematic areas, and they will also be given the opportunity to suggest the areas of their interest.