The Fourth Masterclass


The Fourth Masterclass, organized by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery was held in Belgrade on June 22, 2012. The topic of this eminent gathering was new technologies in the anterior eye segment surgery, with special emphasis this time on astigmatism and its solutions.

On behalf of the host, participants of the Fourth Masterclass were welcomed by Dr. Mirko R. Jankov. The introductory lecture on Building Quality Ophthalmology Services, delivered by Prof. Dr. Fernanda Florentino Fernandez Jankov, was received with great interest and enthusiastic applause. Colleagues also appreciated the lecture on Ergoophthalmology, delivered by Dr. Elena Matić, as well as the detailed Study on the Correction of Astigmatism by Using RGP and Hybrid Contact Lenses, delivered by Dr. Delević from “Oculus”.

Miloš Obradović spoke about the importance of presenting information about modern media and website concepts and contents that should be made more available to patients.

In his presentation Dr. Mirko Jankov spoke about key information that should guide the doctor in selecting the method and steps of intervention, stressing in particular the technological sophistication of the newest generation of lasers as well as crucial importance of the experience of the doctor who will be using the diagnostic devices and managing the application of that laser.

Dr. Jonathan Lake, a world-known ophthalmologist from Brasil chose the topic “Modern Intraocular Lenses” and presented his own experiences from his rich surgical practice.

Masterclass was attended by approximately 180 doctors from Serbia and neighbouring countries. Based on the previous experience, the organizer decided to have fewer participants in order to allow more time and opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience. It proved that ophthalmologists at primary health care level are very much interested in the exchange of experiences from their practice.

For participation at this seminar as a part of ongoing medical education, 14 CME points are awarded to the lecturers and 7 to the participants.