The Third Masterclass Event

Using Science Against Age-Related Farsightedness (Presbyopia)

Three hundred ophthalmologists from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and FYROM congregated in Belgrade for the Third Master Class held on May 27, within the framework of a series of professional development events seen as an opportunity to learn about new technologies in the eye anterior segment surgery, get more detail and a better insight in the presbyopia, age-related farsightedness issues – about myths and reality in this area of medical science. Distinguished guests from Brazil, the USA and Serbia were the main speakers to present their papers to their fellow doctors at the Belgrade Event.

Dr. Jonathan Lake, reputable Brazilian-American ophthalmologist surgeon covered the topic of cataract and presbyopia prevention and complications treatment, while Mr.Karel Fabry, Eng., distinguished guest from Belgium, spoke to the attendants about new technologies, iTrace topology and the wawefront. Dr. Paulo Schor, Professor at the renown Federal University in Sao Paolo addressed the possibilities of refractive surgery and treatment of age related far sightedness. Dr. Slađana Delević from Belgrade ‘’Oculus’’ spoke about biometry and intraocular lens (IOLs) calculations, while Dr. Vesna Jovanović addressed in her presentation the latest breakthroughs in lamellar cornea transplants. The presentation of the host, Dr. Mirko Jankov, was dedicated to Ultra B2 (Ultraviolet light and Riboflavin) in keratoconus treatment.
After the sessions, the Master Class participants had an opportunity to fill in a knowledge test and a questionnaire about the needs and conditions of professional development.
The importance of this event for the medical profession was recognized by the Health Council of Serbia on continuous medical education, which accredited lecturers with 14 KME points and the attendants with 7 KME points.

The next Master Class to be organized by LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery has been scheduled for September 2011, causing great interest of ophthalmologists thus suggesting that the large participation may be expected again.

International VIP Guest Lecturers’ views about Master Class 3:

Dr Jonathan Lake (born in the USA) Oftalmed, Brasilia, Brazil

Knowledge leads to quality

– ”I am very impressed with the large participation at this Master Class in Belgrade. Indeed, this is an important event, and as usual the reception and hospitality are fantastic. I have known Dr. Jankov for 13 years now. Initially, he was my professor, my lecturer, while afterwards we stayed in touch. I stayed in Brazil, Dr. Jankov moved first to Greece then to Switzerland, and finally to Belgrade”, says Dr. Lake.

During his presentation, Dr. Lake spoke about the application of the state-of the-art scientific achievements in medicine, particularly in ophthalmology. At what pace it is possible to integrate and embed the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in practice for reaching better outcomes, Dr.Lake says:

-”I believe that ophthalmology is a very privileged area just because so many innovations are being introduced into this field. Together with Dr.Jankov, I was in a position to learn more about such innovations and apply them in our practice. There are so many novelties in medicine, particularly in refractive surgery. However, the existence of various last generation technologies have an impact on competitiveness. Often, clinics advertise things that do not prove true in practice, that have not been tested and verified through long standing clinical practice.Where there is huge competition, such behaviour may occur. Therefore, patients who need help of an eye surgeon have to be very cautious and to obtain all the necessary details about the doctor and the practice they wish to entrust their eyes with. Knowledge and good understanding of facts is the only means that can safeguard you from the said behavior. Above all, a patient has to be well informed, to identify all the risks and be fully aware of the expectations and post operative outcomes and scenarios. It is the doctor’s task to enlighten his patient, to make clear what complications and risks may occur”, points out Dr.Lake.

Touching upon the importance of professional meetings of doctors practicing eye surgery, and of practitioners who examine eyes in medical facilities in the first instance, Dr. Lake put the emphasis on the importance of being well informed about the events, latest developments and modern trends in ophthalmology, innovations and accessibility of the latest technologies:

”In order to deal with unfair competition and unattainable promises, it is necessary to respond with knowledge. Such events as the Master Class in Belgrade certainly contribute to reaching this goal. When a physician is skilled, and his slef-confidence is based on knowledge, than he/she can share it with his peers, both as a lecturer and as a consultant”.

Prof. Dr. Paulo Schor (born in Brazil)

Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The best refractive surgeons train their peers

Prof. Paulo Schor, PhD addressed the benefits of new technologies which contribute to helping people to have a better vision and improve their quality of life. Dr. Schor, impressed with the meeting of ophthalmologists in Belgrade, said that at such an impressive event he feels at home, as if he were in Brazil.

– ”In Brazil, there are five or six such big events annually where a greater number of doctors congregate, considering that Brazil has a vast population, but we also have some fifty smaller events with a lesser number of participants than this Master Class in Belgrade. The difference lies in the fact that here, each lecturer took more than ten minutes to deliver his presentation, which is not common, and does not happen in Brazil.
My motives to accept with pleasure the opportunity to be a guest lecturer is primarily my knowing well Dr. Mirko Jankov, my colleague. We are great friends, and I too, like himself, think and believe that for our profession it is of major importance to receive information and knowledge from true experts, to have doctors be informed about new trends and breakthroughs, and deep in my heart I am positive that such an approach is the right thing to do. I am a Professor at a University in Brazil, I travel extensively over the USA, Europe and our country, as I believe in disseminating and spreading of knowledge”.

Being a renown expert and educator, asked if the best means most trendy in ophthalmology, Dr. Schor says:

– ”What we really wish to do is to overcome criticism and understanding and perception of technology. The availability of new technology-based equipment depends on several aspects.The following facts are taken into account: who is the most dominant manufacturer in the market, what is the policy of importing the equipment in the country, what is the level of knowledge and understanding of new technology of doctors who are going to use such technology”, says Dr. Paulo Schor, emphasizing that a person practicing ophthalmology must have, besides high skill and human integrity, good knowledge of any new technique and approach that, so to speak, appeared ‘’yesterday’’/most recently on the market to be in a position to frankly and honestly advise his patient how and when to undergo surgery.

– ”A doctor looks upon his patient from several aspects. First and foremost, it is someone whom he, as a doctor, has to help. Secondly, for his employment and work he has to be paid. Thirdly, he wishes to become friends and stay in good contact with his patient so that in return the patient builds his confidence knowing that he can always turn to his doctor for help. There are people, who see everything as a stock market: their only concern is for the stocks to grow without caring whether there will be any consequences, whether someone might get hurt or not. However, in medicine, doctor- patient relationship has to be established differently. The rule is: if you have one satisfied patient he/she will bring in other patients. If you have one unsatisfied patient, you will lose seven new patients. Hence, this is not a short-time game, but one that lasts very long. The trust is built gradually, and it should be preserved”.

Dr. Schor remains great friend of LaserFocus family

– ”At the time when Dr. Mirko Jankov was completing his PhD (doctoral) thesis I was his mentor but our cooperation grew into trust, respect and quality friendship. Nevertheless, I am of the view that Dr. Jankov’s knowledge is greater than mine although I was his mentor.
He is one of those students that outgrow their teachers. This means that I have completed my mentoring task well”.

Eng. Karel Fabry (born in Belgium), Tracey Technologies, Houston, Texas, USA

Doctors at the source of information

-”New scientific breakthroughs become readily embedded in medicine. This is due to fast technological shifts and simplified medical ones and to their application in practice by most renown doctors and to the trust of the patients.

– As we can see, ophthalmology has been developing for the last two hundred years, but a tremendous leap forward was made in the last twenty years. Any discovery made in the area of science, engineering and technology becomes ever faster available to the patient. Naturally, such novelties reach only those patients whose doctors have access to new technologies and information. Getting information begins and is based on education. Continuous education, to be at the source of information and new discoveries, are of utmost importance for the people who teach at universities. In this context, it is of great importance that two highly reputed experts, such as Dr. Lake and Dr. Schor, have dedicated their time to come to Serbia to share with us what could be defined to be presently the latest developments in science embedded into ophthalmology, specifically focused on the eye anterior segment and refractive surgery in the removal of age-related farsightedness. I am of the view that it is a happy occasion for Serbia to have someone like Dr. Jankov, who had the opportunity to witness all the breakthroughs in the eye surgery, working with world renown experts, since he has been working for years on joint projects and research, and he had an opportunity to be a part of the team of the great Prof. Theo Zeiler, M.D., PhD in Zurich. It is then that I met him. What fascinates me is the fact that Dr. Mirko Jankov brought to LaserFocus all the knowledge that he gathered worldwide, dedicating his time to many specialization and subspecialization courses for the benefit of his patients. But not only that. By organizing such events, Dr.Jankov dedicates his time to his fellow doctors from Serbia and countries in the region, sharing and enabling all medical eye doctors to get an insight into his field of expertise. That is highly important and invaluable”, says Mr. Fabris, Eng.

Commenting that other doctors act in a similar way, Mr.Fabris,Eng. emphasized that it does not happen on such a high level as at the Belgrade event.

– ”Usually, the colleagues are afraid of interactivity and negative effects. It is not a bad idea to work with smaller groups, either because one may address the issues of interest in greater detail. What makes us enjoy while in Belgrade, in Serbia? It is not only because we are having a great time but also because we are learning from each other. I find fascinating the fact that Dr. Jankov visited all the continents, talking and consulting top notch surgeons, Dr. Jankov himself being one of them, he learned from many such experts and taught many, and still whatever he had mastered and learned he brought here, to Serbia. That is amazing”.