Ultra B2

Ultra B2 (Cross-Linking)

A new non-aggressive treatment involves a combination of vitamin B2 and ultraviolet rays (Ultra B2, UVX or CCL) to stiffen the collagen and stabilize the cornea, thereby halting the progression of keratoconus.

The Ultra B2 procedure itself lasts around half an hour and is conducted under local anesthesia. After the surface epithelial layer has been removed, vitamin B2 is applied for the next few minutes and the cornea is exposed to UV radiation for half an hour. Anesthetic eye-drops and vitamin B2 are applied periodically during this exposure. A post-operative treatment course of eye-drops is essential and lasts a few months, with frequent control examinations. The patient may continue to wear contact lenses for one to two months after the intervention.

ultra B2 Cross-Linking

Ultra B2 can be used in conjunction with other corrective methods, e.g. Ferrara rings implantation, or in rarer cases, limited PRK treatment.