World Ophthalmology Congress in Berlin

World Ophthalmology Congress 2010 – WOC 2010

The new challenges in ophthalmology were discussed through outstanding presentations held by experts within the framework of the World Ophthalmology Congress 2010 in Berlin, early in June 2010. This important event had a vast turnout of 13,000 from 145 countries worldwide, and Dr.Mirko Jankov,PhD, representing LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery and our country, was one of the speakers who contributed to the success of the event.

During one of the Symposia, Dr. Mirko Jankov had a presentation covering “cross-linking” method with topography-guided laser treatment which received outstanding response, and chaired a session under the main programme in the field of refractive surgery dedicated to dealing with complicated cases of irregular astigmatism.