XXXV Congress of Ophthalmology Brazil 2009

The 35th traditional Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology (XXXV Congresso Brasiliero de Oftalmologia), held from the 24th to the 27th of August in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, attracted a large number of ophthalmic experts from all over the world, and represented one of the most important events concerning ophthalmology in Brazil and the region.

This year, the Congress welcomed an unbelievably large number of participants, of which foreign experts attracted the most attention, delivering their presentations in front of packed lecturing halls throughout this three-day event. One of the most striking figures at this international congregation was our own Dr. Jankov, who played the role of head instructor (Instruktor Principal) and in cooperation with his esteemed colleagues trained younger, prospective surgeons in modern-day refractive procedures within the course: Refractive surgery 2009 – How do we select the best method for our patients?

During this one-day course, young ophthalmologists had the opportunity to ingest the latest information on the application of topography-guided procedures to obtain precise results enabling more accurate diagnosis with the aim of improving their knowledge on the latest technological advances and developments in global refractive surgery.

The introduction of such educational courses raised the profile of this year’s event to a global level and presented an excellent site for the international elite to show the rest of the world how this fascinating branch of ophthalmology truly functions and inspire exciting expectations of what may be yet to come.