Human eye

Our eyes are our windows to the world. Outstanding eyesight enables us to perceive our surroundings and experience life to its fullest. Of all the senses, sight is most important.
Vision problems directly impact our quality of life whether we try to read a blurry alarm clock each morning or must wear contact lenses. Refractive surgery can eliminate these problems, heal human eye and provide us with better vision, freeing us to enjoy a more energetic and active lifestyle.

Normal Vision

‘Normal’ Vision

In a normal-sighted human eye, incoming rays of light travel through the cornea and the lens before forming a sharp focus point on the retina. Neural receptors then translate the incoming signals into electronic impulses and transmit them through the visual nerve to the brain. The brain then translates these impulses into an image that we interpret as vision. In this way, our eye acts similar to a photo camera with the image being developed in our brain

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