LaserFocus in Sarajevo

The Ophthalmologic Office “Dr. Sefić” is the first office in one of the neighbouring countries to contract long-term cooperation with LaserFocus Centre for Eye Microsurgery in Belgrade and Dr. Mirko Jankov, and there is interest in other surgeries and private eye clinics in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and FYROM to proceed similarly.

The state-of the art laser has been procured for laser correction of refractive error. With such technology comes the aid of the best expert. Great faith is placed in cooperation with Dr. Jankov, from now for ever, for the benefit of “Dr. Sefić” Office and all of their patients. The cooperation implies educational events to be followed by consulting assistance. It is expected that Dr. Jankov will assist in the setting up the business, including providing the patients with telephone information, admitting patients for examination, surgery, check-ups (follow-ups).

The main objective of the cooperation is to reach in “Dr. Sefić” Office the level of standard Dr. Jankov introduced in LaserFocus Centre in Belgrade. Therefore, a part of the team from “Dr. Sefić Office”, including head nurse, secretary and telephone operator payed a visit to Belgrade in order to understand the clinic’s routine and how new experience could be successfully transferred to their facility.
-After 90 year-long career history of working in Sarajevo and Banjaluka, ophthalmologists from Dr. Sefić family have built their reputation and standard of services, which, certainly, working with Dr.Jankov and ‘’LaserFocus’’ group, will be enhanced to be able to offer the best services comparable to those found worldwide.

Dr. Sanja Sefić Kasumović has been practicing ophthalmologist- entrepreneur for twelve years.She worked together with many of her colleagues, but after meeting Dr. Jankov she realized to have met someone who met her criteria in order to become her partner in this not in the least easy field, requiring utmost responsibility in taking care of the patient eyes. After two meetings, Dr. Sefić Kasumović new she wanted to learn and benefit from Dr. Jankov’s skill and expertise, and use his renown name, quality services and standards applied by Dr.Jankov in his LaserFocus Centre. As a result of this cooperation, you may presently experience when visiting ,”Dr. Seffić” Office, high level quality of service, identical to one found in LaserFocus Centre in Belgrade.

The first laser-assisted refractive error correction in Sarajevo was scheduled for the end of May. Recently, the new laser machine arrived in Sarajevo, and the first surgery and concurrently a form of training for fellow doctors from “Dr.Sefić” clinic will be performed by Dr. Jankov.